Lakefield Township


Permit Contact Information

Contact the Building Official for all permits

Jim Gray - (989) 213-9549

Building Inspector - Jim Gray - (989) 213-9549

Electrical Inspector - Jay Wale - (989) 643-5036

Mechanical Inspector - Greg Younk - (989) 687-7765

Plumbing Inspector - Greg Younk - (989) 687-7765

Zoning Administrator  - Jim Gray - (989) 213-9549

Assessor - David Johnson  - (989) 482-6443

Deputy Assessor - Kevin Hughes - (989) 385-0254

Fee Schedule

Please review the below documents regarding the fee schedule

1. Lakefield Township Cost Determination

2. Lakefield Township Building Department Fee Schedule

Permit Applications

Building Permits

To obtain a building permit, the following is required:

1. Single Family Dwelling

     a. Driveway permit (obtain from Saginaw Co. Road Commission

     b. Septic and well permit (obtain from Saginaw Co. Health Dept.)

     c. Drawing: One (1) set drawn to scale, showing - 

          1 - Floor plan

          2 - Elevation

          3 - Cross section

          4 - Truss print when applicable

          5 - Energy form

     d. Plot plan, showing property dimensions, all existing structures, and proposed structure(s)

2. Accessory Building (garage, pole building, etc.)

     a. Driveway permit (if applicable)

     b. Drawing: One (1) set drawn to scale and/or truss print where applicable

     c. Plot plan showing property dimensions, all existing structures, and proposed structure(s)

It is your responsibility to be aware of any deed restrictions or subdivision regulations.

A minimum of 24 hours is required for the review of construction plans and zoning information before a permit can be issued.

Please click below for permit applications

Building Permit

Electrical Permit

Mechanical Permit

Plumbing Permit